of Gift Vouchers
A platform intended both for processing, generation and marketing of digital and physical gift vouchers and their omni-channel distribution
Issue of gift vouchers
Create branded gift vouchers and print them on your printer instantly. Generate bar codes or upload them from external systems.
Selling of gift vouchers
Sell both digital and physical vouchers via your own website, store or service outlets and affiliate network. Accept cash and online payments.
Acceptance of gift vouchers
Accept gift vouchers using a mobile app, web-interface or integrate biGGid with your firmware.
Merchant solutions and services
for omni-channel marketing of your gift vouchers
Online sales
Sell both digital and physical gift vouchers via your website or corporate page on social media. Customize your page appearance, manage the catalog, use various delivery and payment methods.
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In-store sales
Sell gift vouchers via your store or service with the use of biGGid interface interface or a third party ERP or CRM system. Print gift vouchers on your standard printer just at the moment of sale or use pre-printed certificates.
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Affiliate sales
Promote gift vouchers on partner platforms to increase your customer flow and business profit. Receive purchase orders from specialized Internet sites, souvenir and flower shops or select partners on your own from the biGGid list.
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B2B sales
biGGid connects sellers of gift vouchers with corporate buyers, who use these vouchers as a part of their loyalty and motivation system. biGGid proposes high-tech solutions for B2B purchase and delivery of gift vouchers.
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Use cloud tools to issue and sell gift vouchers or cards
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5 reasons to introduce gift vouchers in your business
and increase the revenue by 30% during a year using biGGid tools
New customers and sales growth
By issuing gift vouchers, you get additional customers and the opportunity to distribute your products and services through the biGGid partner network. Gift vouchers commerce can be bought even by those persons who are not interested in your product as such (thus, certificates for lingerie or SPA-services are mainly bought by men).
Rapid growth of working capital
You receive a 100% advanced payment for goods or services that artificially increases the company's working capital. The funds received from sales of certificates are an interest-free loan provided to the business by its consumers themselves.
Excess profit from unclaimed certificates
A certain part of sold certificates remains unused. However, the money paid for them stays in your company thus increasing its budget.
Increase of the average receipt amount
Issuing of gift vouchers contributes to the increase of the average receipt amount, since recipients willingly make extra payments while using their certificates.
Distribution of customer flows
Your customer flows are distributed as follows: During a pre-holiday period customers purchase gift vouchers, and after the holidays they visit your store or service outlet.
Tools and solutions for gift voucher processing
for small, medium and large businesses ranging from a small beauty salon to a network retailer
Issue of gift vouchers
Design of certificates with the option of their printing on a standard printer just at the moment of sale. Opportunity to generate bar codes or upload them from external systems.
Online sales and payment receipt
Selling of gift vouchers via your store or service outlet or 24/7 payment receipt via your website.
Flexible voucher settings
Setting of nominal values, expiration dates, moneyback options, payment and delivery methods, branded visual design.
Landing page and widget
A branded landing page at the address or at your own domain address. A widget for certificate ordering for your website and social media.
Digital gift vouchers
Instant delivery of certificates via e-mail, SMS or popular messengers. A mobile application ensuring quick access of customers to their certificates.
Gift vouchers check
Voucher authentication, checking and acceptance via a web interface or a mobile application.
Fraud protection
Each gift voucher contains a unique number and is checked on secure servers, which excludes the possibility of fraud or reuse.
Advanced analytics
Analysis of sales and their sources, statistics on customer arrivals and non-activations, financial statements.
Discounts and promo codes
Tools for gift voucher promotion through creation of promotional events and promo codes, both for end consumers and B2B clients.
Tools for networks and franchises
A single base of gift vouchers for all sales or service outlets. Ability to accept gift voucher sold by another legal entity.
API integration
Integration with the existing gift vouchers processing system, software for POS terminals, accounting system, ERP or CRM system and other platforms.
Distribution of powers
Creation of accounts for different employees allowing them to perform specific tasks. Flexible setting of access rights.
Mobile app for cashiers and administrators
Bar code scanner; status, balance or expiry date check; cancellation and other operations – even in offline mode
Why should you trust us?
In 2012, we launched DAROO, a popular gift service in Belarus. As our business grows, we have automated all of its processes to the maximum extent, day by day improving our own information system. By now, we have sold more than 203,497 gift vouchers from 728 Belarusian and Russian companies.

Today we have decided to share what we use and created biGGid, a SaaS service for those who are eager to increase their revenues through sales of gift vouchers, while saving resources used for implementation and maintenance of these sales.
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